Why you should always carry a journal

Why you should always carry a journal

Of course, there are many reasons why it is easier to use your mobile for, well, almost absolutely anything now, sometimes going back to a more traditional approach and investing in a sturdy and convenient journal and “fancy” pen may be more beneficial for you. 

Everyone holds on to and processes information differently, some people find it easier to watch others. Others work best by doing, but most also find it easiest to write down information. in order to help process it better. This is one of many reasons why investing in a good journal is important.

Below are a few other reasons why it is beneficial to have your own little pocket journal for the everyday.

Disconnecting from electronics is good for you

For most people, you very rarely take a break from your phone, which has resulted in most of us becoming reliant on them in every aspect of our lives. It has been shown that overusing your mobile can lead to several issues, that maybe you never realised it impacted.  They can lead to issues with sleep, heightened anxiety, decreased to null in productivity, and so on. Experts recommend putting away your phone periodically during the day to break the cycle of checking and rechecking your notifications every few minutes.

Using a physical journal or notebook to input important dates, times, events, etc. can help you remember them a lot better too, as your brain would have focused on the words you were writing due to the muscles and “effort” used in the process as to just typing them in on a phone. 

It is completely versatile

You can use a journal, or notebook, for anything. You can dump just about anything in them to help clear space in your head, and you can look back and know just what you were needing to remember as it’s right there in front of you. It doesn't solely need to be used for writing. It’s also a great place for your sketches, doodles, and diagrams and just letting off a bit of steam if ever needed. 

Handwriting is just better

There is just something so enchanting about handwriting, and it has its advantages too. There have been studies that show that writing helps you process information better and improve your memory of it. It has also shown it helps you think faster and of course, it will help improve your spelling as you have to think about the words you are putting onto the paper.

By jotting down a few notes in a journal you also help work out different parts of your brain, and your hand for that matter, that would not get that attention through your typing.

Don’t always rely on your memory

You should always have a backup to help you remember things. While you may think in the moment “oh, of course, I am going to remember that” it isn’t always the case, no matter how hard you try. So, jotting down a quick reminder can save you the pain of trying to remember all the small, but often important, details. This could help you with anything; an inspired idea, shopping list, even a joke you may want to share.

Having the option of writing details down for any little bits of information on the fly can, and does, provide you with a much more accurate reflection of the day. This could be for more pressing matters or just a note about a really good bakery or cafe you found out on a whim.

Combating mental health issues

We have said it many times before and will continue to scream it from the rooftops, journaling and writing are well-established techniques in helping combat mental health issues such as Anxiety and Depression. It gives you your own safe space to express your inner, most hidden thoughts and fears. It can also help you track any negative thought patterns and triggers as well as noting symptoms and your feelings around them.

Of course, a notebook seems like such a simple thing, but it can unlock a world of possibilities for you, as well as helping you learn more about yourself in the process. Once you start to carry a journal around with you every day you will begin to notice a few things.

  1. You create your own system. By doing this, you will start to see a pattern; when you feel like you need to use it most and what for.
  2. Write down your thoughts immediately. If you have sporadic ideas that pop up anywhere you will have something with you which you can use to store them until you are available to give them more focus.
  3. Expound on your thoughts later. You can look back on the notes you made and expand on them when you have time available to do so.

Our A6 Journals would be perfect for your everyday travel companion, small enough to slip into your bag but not too small that you ever feel as if you do not have enough room to fit everything in. It would also give you a journal that not only looks beautiful and makes others jealous, but is sturdy and reliable. So, you won’t have to worry about random pages falling out here, there, and everywhere.

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