Tree of Life

Review: "The journal is a pleasure to use; the paper is excellent and the binding really great to handle. For any aspiring writer or more experienced ones like me, this should be an indispensable part of your writing armory.


Review: "This will make either an excellent gift or a trusty companion along your journey we like to call life.


Review: "This book feels magical and everyone has been highly impressed by it.


Review: "A product that is very authentic, beautifully handmade and with a design that captures the imagination

DreamKeeper Journals

Our unique, attractive, leather-bound journals are perfect for keeping your thoughts and secrets, taking notes or drawing sketches, for jotting down your innermost feelings or simply making quick observations on the go.

Aisling - A5, A4 or A6 Handmade Leather Journal - Antique Tree of Life Design - Plain Paper or Lined version available Katell - A5 Handmade Leather Journal With Distressed Leather Design - Recycled Cotton Paper Kaida - A6, A5 or A4 Handmade Leather Journal - Celtic Dragon Design - Soft Leather Notepad Sorcha -  A4, A5 or A6 Handmade Leather Journal - Beautiful Celtic Design  - Soft Leather Bound Sketchbook Ciannait - A5 Handmade Leather Journal - Superbly Handcrafted Celtic Design – 18x13cm


Celtic Inspired

Our beautiful crafted designs are inspired from our Celtic roots. Each Journal has a unique feel about it due to it's carefully handmade binding.

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