Beating Writers Block

Beating Writers Block

Have you ever felt an incredible urge to write just for the sake of it? Not because of any specific reason but just a way of releasing something deep within you? We all have a story to tell but there are times when we get to the paper, and we freeze. The hardest part of writing is often the beginning. Where do we start? How do we start? There are a few ways you can minimize your risk of writer’s block and help keep your creative juices flowing. We have listed a few ideas to combat any blockages that may be affecting your writing.

Firstly, create yourself a workspace that allows you to think clearly with minimal distractions. For us to fully zone into what we are doing we need to feel inspired and have a place that we can return to for that. Creating and emphasizing a space that can be solely for writing becomes a part of our writing ritual. Find somewhere you thrive in, it could be quiet or loud, dark or bright, but whatever you chose just make sure it works for you and your individual requirements. Try different places until you find the one that feels right for you. Everyone will find different ways to improve their abilities as a writer. Try to minimalize the clutter or objects around you in this space. You want to feel focused and inspired as opposed to distracted. Set aside some time each day to sit in this space with your thoughts. Make notes of the ideas that come to you and in time you will find that this space becomes a catalyst for your writing abilities.

Make the most of journaling or writing prompts. They can give you an idea on what you want to write about, the more you write the quicker you will find your rhythms and your strengths. The prompts allow us to answer questions that we may not have asked ourselves and also to get to know ourselves intimately. Discovering who we are will help us discover what we have to give and what we want to share with the world or simply release from ourselves. Writing prompts can help get our creative juices flowing and lead us to do our best writing. Keep an eye out for our weekly journal prompts for some dreamkeeper inspiration.

This one may sound like an obvious one but in order to be a good writer it helps to be an avid reader too. We learn from each other all the time. The stories you read can heavily influence the stories you choose to write or the ones you choose not to. Other writer’s techniques and words can be inspirational to us in many ways. If you are someone who enjoys words, whether the writer, reader or both, you know how powerful words can be. Harness your creative abilities to get your voice out in the world and become the one who influences others.

Writing may not be something that comes easy or natural to you and that’s okay! As with anything it is with practice that we become better and with experience we will improve. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel you are struggling to find your rhythm with it. Journal about your day, your week, an experience you had that has stayed with you. The more you write the more natural it will become and the better you will become at it too. It doesn’t always matter what the topic is that we are writing about, what often matters is the relationship we build with ourselves and others through words. You will find yourself, just give it time!

So, with that being said, you have your space, your guidance and your inspiration, you are already on your way to being a better writer. If you try any of these suggestions let us know if it has helped you move forward with your writing, or if there’s something you would suggest to those struggling to put their pen to paper as well.

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