Creating A Wellness Journal

Creating A Wellness Journal

So here we are, Spring! A chance to start fresh and what better way to do that than to work on our own health, both mentally and physically. Our journals are a perfect way to document your health journey by creating something known as a wellness journal.

Wellness is a state of being healthy. The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. Wellness is an individual pursuit—we have self-responsibility for our own choices, behaviours and lifestyles—but it is also significantly influenced by the physical, social and cultural environments in which we live”

I think we can all hold our hands up and admit that we have some unhealthy habits. Habits that impact us negatively, whether that be holding us back from our full potential or keeping us unhealthy. The best way to fight those habits is to first be honest with ourselves and identify what those habits are. When we can pinpoint what hurts us, we can make the necessary changes to better ourselves.

If you are unsure what a wellness journal is then it is, simply put, a way to keep a track on your wellbeing. We all take for granted our wellbeing, this journal is designed to help us focus and keep track of the ups and downs we may face, thus shedding light on the areas we need to adjust. The purpose is mainly to track any goals or intentions you have. It can be an outlet for our emotions and experiences and help with exploring ourselves. It has been said that disease within us originates from the term dis-ease. Almost all illness can be traced back to some level of trauma or discomfort within the body. We often hold onto things because we don’t know how to let them go or how to heal from them. A journal can be the perfect outlet, a way to release it without the fear of the impact it can have on ourselves or those around us. Some people cry to release their emotions, others exercise, some use art but there are some of us who need to write and reflect on the words we have written.

Journaling can help improve our emotional intelligence, making the thoughts and feelings we face in the future easier to deal with or to recognise. You may identify triggers you didn’t know you had or feelings about certain situations may come to surface that you didn’t realise you were harbouring. There is so much we can learn about ourselves through journaling that will directly impact the way we feel, having a knock-on effect to our health and wellbeing. 

If you are unsure of where to start when creating a wellness journal then make sure you are following our social media, we post journal prompts to help with getting you started and inspire your next steps with your writing. Have you created a wellness journal before? Let us know the impact it has had on you and your health!

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