What is Khadda Paper?

What is Khadda Paper?
recycled paper
Khadda paper is handmade, using recycled cotton that’s leftover from the massive garment industry in India. Using this material is environmentally friendly, and the paper has excellent strength and durability meaning it is bleed and smudge resistant.
Why is Cotton Paper Environmentally Friendly?
Many people tend not to think much about where the paper in their journals came from, but paper can have a huge affect on the environment. This is why we chose to use this paper as it is eco-friendly and produces no additional environmental impact which is therefore better for the atmosphere.

Using Cotton Paper for Journaling
Handmade paper has its very own beautiful texture, it’s much more tactile than industrial paper. When using this material for writing, it has its very own charm and will give life to anything that you write about.
Before you start journaling it’s important to know what the right pens are to use, here are a few we have found work beautifully with this paper:
Everyday household pens
Fountain pens
Gel liners
Coloured pens
Calligraphy pens

    These are only our recommendations, and you may think that different ones work better than others! If you’re unsure what one to use then the best way to try them is to test them out before you write in your journal. There’s nothing worse than ending up with smears of ink across the page whilst you are writing. A top tip from us is when you journal… look for pens that are smooth, don’t bleed and allow you to sketch even the smallest details.
    When purchasing a DreamKeeper Journal, we provide a piece of paper to use as a test page so you can try out all of your favourite pens before starting your journal.

    If you enjoy journaling and would like to try out our Khadda paper, head over to our shop to browse our beautiful collection here.