What is a Grimoire/BoS?

What is a Grimoire/BoS?

So, in our last blog we focused on “Bujos” or Bullet Journals and different spreads that you could include to help you the most and help you reach your goals. In this blog we are going to look into a different use for our journals; Grimoire/BoS

We have had so many comments, messages and photos showing us how people have used our journals for their Grimoires/BoS. We completely understand just how personal a grimoire is to its keeper, so we are incredibly thankful that you felt our journals were worthy of such a job.

So, what is a Grimoire/BoS?

Well they are two different things but similar nonetheless. A Grimoire is almost an encyclopaedia for magic and witchcraft practices. It holds generalised information about a range of different subjects; candle magic, colour correspondences, information on different herbs, etc. Whereas a Book of Shadows (BoS) is personalised to you and your practice. It holds detailing of its owner’s personal path, beliefs, spells, and rituals. A Book of Shadows is something not shared with anyone else, unless the owner consents to it.

We have also had questions regarding other uses, such as Tarot Journals. We believe if you feel a connection and would like to use any of our journals for any part of your practice, please do not hesitate, and go ahead. The use of natural products may also be desirable; we use goat leather for our covers, as well as khadda paper. This is made using cotton scraps from the clothing industry.

Another stand out detail, which may call to you, is our use of Celtic designs and symbols. We understand that some of the symbols on our journals are also used in witchcraft and are closely linked. Our Celtic heritage and designs on our journals may provide an extra connection for you to your own Celtic roots or any deities you may worship, if any of course. 

But, regardless of any of that we feel that our journals are the perfect companions, whatever your interests or desires. When we get to see you use them in your own journal journeys we rejoice knowing that we have been able to create a product that not only we can be proud of, but you are proud of too and ready to use them to write your own story.

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