Welcome to Eclipse Season!

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

Uh oh! It’s eclipse season! 

Welcome to eclipse season! What does this even mean, right? Well by definition an eclipse is simply ‘when light is obstructed’ but we all know there is more going on during these times now don’t we? So, what changes can we expect and how can we prepare?

On October 25th the eclipse will have begun as the new moon appears to cross the sun. This will be a solar eclipse in Scorpio. In astrology, a solar eclipse is thought to signify a catalyst for a huge new beginning over the next 6 months. If you are familiar with astrology then looking to the areas in your chart may help with some guidance as to where the new beginning may be in your life. (If you want to learn how to read an astrology chart then click here How to Read an Astrology Chart: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow) The moon correlates to our emotions and inner selves whereas the sun is thought to represent our egos or our sense of self. With the moon blocking the sun you may feel more lead by your emotions and feelings at this time. The solar eclipse will also be in the south node which correlates with the past and karma. Any transits around the south node can become draining and leave us with feelings of nostalgia. This alignment may have us feeling extra sensitive with regards to appearance or fixating on something from our past.

 It’s been suggested that this will be the most stressful time of the year astrologically. This is not to suggest that eclipse season is going to be bad or negative at all. Stress can be a catalyst for many positive changes in our lives and differs from chronic or long-term stressful conditions. Eclipses can be known as destructive by nature and uncomfortable but that isn’t to say that there is no room for positive outcomes. 

November 8th will then show a lunar eclipse in taurus. Lunar eclipses signify the beginning of an ending over the next 6 months. We often need things to end so we can start anew. Although things ending can be uncomfortable, remember that these kinds of transitions can be very powerful. Some astrologers are predicting that something unexpected will be coming our way on this day. Things may not go to plan during this time according to (51) Lunar Eclipse November 8th: Chaos and Revolution! - YouTube.

So, what advice can we give you? Try to just go with the flow. Although these are significant astrological dates nobody can predict how each individual life will change during this time. Protect your energy, make calculated decisions and just keep doing what you are doing. If your emotions do feel disrupted at this time, try using our journal prompts as a way to release them and clear your mind. This eclipse season is signifying endings and beginnings, so write down your goals, things you want to change and start planning your journey! Let us know if you feel the impact of the eclipses!

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