Something a Little Personal

Something a Little Personal

Have you ever toyed with the idea of getting all your thoughts out in front of you? We have all at some point felt like, if we could just organise our minds then could we understand ourselves so much better? Or even just be able to get more done? 

Journaling has been fundamental in helping to set goals and make plans, to help with those on a healing journey and to document life. The benefits of journaling have been linked to improvements with mental health and wellness or simply to remind us of days well spent. 

We all live and breathe a digital life, a less personal life. Somewhere along the line we stopped using our ability to get all our thoughts out without having to say them out loud and without a fear of judgement. Although we have all benefited from the fast-paced online world, we still need to remember to have something for ourselves. Something private. Somewhere we can unburden our thoughts without fear. A place to remind us how we felt in that moment, to trigger our memories and to hold parts of us that aren’t meant for the whole world. 

Most of us want to find out who we are, how we think or how we feel. We want to look back at moments that defined us, something that will live beyond us and shed light on the world as we knew it and in our own words. We can do that by making it a part of our routines to keep a journal. Whether we use it in the morning, during a break or before bed. It really doesn’t matter when or how we choose to use it.  Journaling is a very personal journey. It’s you, your pen and your thoughts coming together day by day. There is no right or wrong way. Why not think about starting that journey today? Let’s see where it takes you. Even if it just helped you feel a little lighter for a while.

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