Journaling Fears & How to Work Through Them

Journaling Fears & How to Work Through Them

We always speak about the many different reasons why journaling is good for you but sometimes this is outshone by people feeling a fear around picking up a pen and taking it to the page of a journal. Often we talk ourselves out of things because we find all the reasons not to do it, and more often than not we do end up creating an essence of fear around it. Of course, there may be a number of different reasons why you stopped writing in your journal or why you have procrastinated starting one. Out of the many different reasons out there a majority of the time it is down to 1 or more of the reasons below. Hopefully this blog will help you to work through your fears and start to explore the world of journaling.

“I never have the time”

As mentioned above, procrastination. People that usually say they never have the time often do but they would spend it doing something else. It’s surprising just how quickly you can include journaling into your routine. It may take time away from watching tv, playing games or sitting on the sofa scrolling through your phone, but it is time that is not missed. Using the time to complete something productive makes you feel more fulfilled and leads to you feeling more driven to complete other “to-do” tasks.

Everyone gets 24 hours in their day, it’s just about how you manage your time and what you want to spend time on.

“I don’t like writing”

A journal is not a work of art, it is for you and you alone. If you are able to read your entries and make clear sense of them then you do not need to worry. Let Google help you narrow down what you want to do. Do you want to keep a more artistic journal? Using more imagery, or would you rather want to empty your thoughts across the pages? There are many different styles of journaling out there that accommodate everyone, there is no right or wrong way. Always focus on what works best for you.

“I have no idea what to write”

Again, let Google do the hard work. You will be able to find so many different prompts to help you narrow down on what to fill your journal with. There are also so many different bloggers and “influencers” that create journaling challenges to complete each month, this can also help you to mould your specific style. You can write about anything, the day's events, friends and family, there is nothing set in stone that you must follow.

“It’s embarrassing to have a journal”

It’s okay to feel this way, you do not need to scream to the world that you are keeping a journal. There are so many different ways you can create a journal now, you are not just stuck to the traditional book and pen. You may find it easier to keep a virtual journal, either just on software like Word or maybe you create a private website to keep all your entries together. Easier than that you may even choose to use your phone, either by downloading a specific journaling app or maybe just using your phone's notes app. Once you begin to create a habit and get used to using your journal you may decide to open up about it and may even go to the extent of publishing your journal publicly to help others who may be in a similar situation to you.

“What if someone finds it?”

Out of all the fears that may cross your mind, this fear can be the most real and valid due to it being something out of your control. Your journal should be an extension of you, it is understandable if you do not want to share this with other people. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure your journal stays private.

Consider your living situation. If you live alone there is very little risk of someone finding your journal. If you live with family, friends, loved ones that you have complete trust in, express your wishes regarding your journal and your privacy. If you perhaps don’t trust the people around you, look for places out of the way to keep your journal. Don’t leave it out where people may succumb to their temptation. Do you have a locked drawer? Maybe in plain sight on a bookshelf with all your other books? Or stuffed between some clothes? Try not put it somewhere cliché, as people will always look there first.

If you have decided that you want to create a journal using your computer or phone you should ensure that you have a secure password to prevent the possibility of anyone getting into your journal. Trust is a big thing, if the people around you do not respect you or your boundaries it may be time to have a look at the people you keep around. 

“What should I do now?”

Start writing, even if it’s only something small. The fear you may have created around journaling may completely decimate once you actually put pen to paper or start typing. You do not need to be this journaling guru right away, take it slow and see what style works for you and what you like and don’t like, you may discover things about yourself that you never realised were possible.

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