Journaling During the Mercury Retrograde

Journaling During the Mercury Retrograde

Don’t panic! A retrograde isn’t anything to fear, in fact this is not the first one that’s happened this year! A retrograde is an optical illusion of sorts. best describes it as “move backward, have a backward motion or direction, retire or retreat”. When referring to a retrograde astrologically, it refers to a planet appearing to move backwards. The next one we are facing is the Mercury retrograde beginning this September.

Why does this matter you ask? Well, it is believed that during this time we can face a number of difficulties. These could include issues with technology, lost documents, complications with all kinds of travel and miscommunication between friends and loved ones. With regards to how this can potentially affect those with a love of writing, a blog post on Zebraeditor suggests that:

‘Writers would do well to be aware that our writing could be affected. It’s a great time to produce, to write from the heart, but not a good time to communicate information to someone else. We must be more meticulous about communication during this time.’ You can read the full post here: Astrology: Can It Affect Writing? - Zebra Communications (

This isn’t to suggest that a retrograde is a negative thing at all. In fact you can find the positives too! I recently read on a blog (Finding the Positive in Mercury Retrograde | Susie Sheinberg ( ) that the astrologer Vaness Henry stated that “Mercury retrograde doesn’t cause us to make mistakes, it helps us find the mistakes we have already made. It’s a great time to reflect, renew, relax, rest, slow down and heal”.

Taking care of ourselves should always be a top priority. So, if you are left with brain fog, writer's block or a feeling of not being able to get your words out correctly during this time, don’t be alarmed! 

Just as the tides can be controlled by the moon and the sun, we can be affected by the movements of the planets around us too. It’s a perfect time to slow down, just don’t feel disheartened if your writing slows down a little bit too.

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