How To Start Journaling

How To Start Journaling

We all have many thoughts and ideas, but we don’t always write them down… although it can sometimes become overwhelming. For example, you may have to-do lists, goals and dreams. How do you remember all of them? A good way to keep your thoughts organised is to write them down in a journal.

There are many ways to approach journaling. Some people prefer to have something to fill out and others may prefer to jot things down or express their creativity by drawing. It’s important to remember that there’s not a certain way to journal, as everyone uses them differently.

To start a journal you just need to be willing to write, here are some tips to help you:

Find the write space to write:
When you’re writing it is helpful to be in a space where you can fully focus and concentrate, a quiet room with no distractions works best such as an office or study. A better writing space will help you write more efficiently as everything in that space is there to help you get in the flow and write better.

Let go of any judgements:
There’s no right or wrong way to journal (journaling is a judgement-free zone). Therefore, don’t worry too much about your grammar or spelling as you’re writing for yourself and not for an audience. When you worry too much about this and are too self-critical you will less likely be as open and honest when writing.

Journal about anything that comes to mind:
When thinking about what you can journal about there are many ideas to choose from. For example, you could write about your day, your thoughts and emotions or something that inspires you. Each day when you wake up make sure to write down anything that comes to your mind.

Learning how to start journaling is usually the easiest part, its making it a daily habit that can be challenging. If you stick to it you will start to see the positive outcomes in both your personal and professional life.

Remember there’s no right or wrong way to journal… so make it your own!

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