5 Crystals to Aid Your Journaling

When I was young, I used to collect crystals purely based on the way they looked. I would occasionally read up on the benefits they had but never utilised them properly. As I’ve grown older, I’ve started focusing more on what and how I can use them in my day-to-day life. Reading a post on charms of light (Charms Of Light - blog) I have learnt that some crystals can help with creative writing. 

Let’s start with clear quartz. This crystal is known to help strengthen mental clarity and aids in clearing your mind. When our heads are too clouded, we find ourselves unable to focus and therefore, can face writer’s block. Keep a clear quartz nearby and see if you find yourself with a clearer mind. 

Next is tigers eye. Visually this is one of my favourite crystals however, there is so much more to it than just being attractive. This is commonly known as the stone of courage. It aids growing in strength and confidence. It can also help with finding motivation. The hardest part of writing is that first page or even just the first sentence. I wonder if tigers eye crystals can help with that.

Sodalite is next on the list. The power that comes with this crystal is its ability to bring calmness and order to the mind. It can help with bringing you rational thoughts and improve your ability to verbalise your feelings and thoughts. Whether you choose to wear this crystal as part of a piece of jewellery or prefer to keep a cluster nearby. If you are struggling to organise your thoughts or finding words to describe your emotions and feelings, see if sodalite can bring you some balance and peace.

Coming 4th on our list is Citrine. This is known to bring joy and abundance. This is another way to welcome inner calm and to help with your ability to interact creatively with the world. Citrine is the stone of confidence and can promote a positive mood and mindset. Try to keep a piece of this on your workspace to help irradicate any negative emotions and keep your spirits high with your writing.

Last on the list is agate. Agate is known to be used to aid concentration and can bring balance. Agate can also help with encouraging your natural talents and identifying your skills. It’s also believed to encourage you to speak your truth. Enhancing mental function and improving analytical abilities, this crystal is a handy one to keep close by!

So, there you have it, a list of 5 of what we believe to be the best crystals to help with your writing. Let us know whether you try any of these and if they have any impact on your journaling skills!

If you want to learn more about crystals and how they can help enhance your day-to-day life then you can click the link - What is crystal healing? Beginner's guide to using crystals (harpersbazaar.com)