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Dreamkeeper Journals

Katell - A5 Handmade Leather Journal With Distressed Leather Design - Recycled Cotton Paper

Katell - A5 Handmade Leather Journal With Distressed Leather Design - Recycled Cotton Paper

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  • Height 21cm x Width 15cm x Depth 5cm (A5 size)
  • 740 grams
  • 125 gsm paper weight
  • 300 pages
  • Vintage dark brown cover
  • Khadda unlined paper, non-refillable
  • Hand leather bound pages
  • Leather cover tie closure
  • Embossed leather bookmark
  • Pen test sheet
  • Delivered in a protective box
  • Standard and Express shipping available


This journal notebook is covered in rustic style leather, embossed with the Tree of Life and beautifully secured with a leather tie, giving it a rugged look that’s perfect for on-the-go professionals and avid travellers. This is an exceptionally thick journal with a generous 300 handmade pages.

Sustainable Paper

Each journal uses Khadda (also known as Khadi) paper: Sustainable cotton paper which comes from the recycled leftovers of the Indian garment industry and is acid free. The cotton rags provide long fibres that give the paper excellent strength and durability that’s bleed and smudge resistant. Handmade with its own slight texture, providing you with a beautiful canvas for you to write, draw or sketch on.

Sumptuous Leather Cover

Our journals are wrapped in ethically sourced goat leather. Ethically sourced because the animals are not raised for the express purpose of using their leather and it is instead, a by-product of local farming industries. Goat leather (traditionally known as Morocco leather) is known for its softness, light weight and strength and has been used in bookbinding for centuries. Its natural properties mean that it is water resistant, very supple and soft. The very nature of leather means each DreamKeeper journal is completely unique and features its own distress and imperfections to give it a truly original feel.

Leather Hand-Binding

The pages in our journals are hand-bound using a strong leather cord. No glue is used, so the spine of the book cannot be broken. Our binding is strong and permanent.

Finishing Touches

Each journal comes with its own DreamKeeper Katell embossed leather bookmark. Perfectly matched to your journal and allowing you to easily return to where you finished.

A little thank you note is included. Made from the same paper that is used in your journal, it makes the perfect place to test out your pens before writing in the journal.

Arrives packaged in its own recyclable DreamKeeper protective box. Designed to take the knocks, to keep your journal safe on its journey to you.

Your Katell Journal

Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or a busy parent, a good journal plays an essential role in your life. This hand crafted notebook has plenty of pages for taking notes, drawing sketches, creating a diary, or to track appointments and meetings. The soft leather with threaded binding gives our classic journal a rugged look that ages naturally to give each one an original, unique appearance.

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