The Benefits of Using Goat Skin Leather

The Benefits of Using Goat Skin Leather

Goatskin, sometimes referred to as Morocco leather, is considered one of the most delicate to the touch, lightest and “breathable” types of leather.

Its characteristic wavy texture is due to the coarse coat of hair that leaves clearly defined markings in the skin that result in the striking grain pattern seen on the leather.

Due to high elasticity and durability, it is often used for the manufacture of high-quality accessories like Leather Journals.

Not only is the material both fine and soft but also strong and long lasting, making your DreamKeeper Journal last for years without losing its character.


What sets is apart from cowhide? Goatskin has greater strength and tear resistance than cowhide. In addition, it is more durable and waterproof. It is warm, “breathable” and makes great leather products of premium quality.


Caring for you Journal

To keep your goatskin leather from drying out, it should be kept in a clean environment with balanced humidity and temperature. The box your journal arrives in will work excellently!

It's important the goatskin is able to allow some moisture through its pores as goatskin leather should be protected, not suffocated! Spot dusting should happen anytime you see debris on the surface - don't give contaminants an opportunity to absorb.